Bill and Mary Sladek

Jamie and Beth Ann Apt
Chris Barnet
Kevin and Cindy Bartholomew
Denny and Jewel Beran
Matthew and Gretchen Bowen
Mark Brown
Jim and Marti Burke
Tom and Lisa Clark
J. Marty and Marissa Cope
Joe and Emily Cox
Tom and Sue Cyr, Peak Investments
Jennifer Denney and Donna Woodard, The Highlands School
Phil and Kathy Doepfner
Kevin and Laura Fitzpatrick
Eddie and Karen Garnett
Yvonne Grothues
John and Kathleen Gutierrez
Alex and Amanda Halisky
Nathan and Diana Harris
Bill and Kasey Hollon
Ricky and Betty House
Ed and Anita Johnson
Pierre and Maureen Koshakji
Ed and Nancy Mello
Frank and Ginger Morrone
Burk and Elise Murchison
JoAnn and Michael Murray
Danny and Elizabeth Muzyka
Scot and Anne O’Brien
Bill and Carol Orender
Dave Palmer, Guadalupe Radio Network
Eugene Ralph, Game Chaingers
David and Cathy Sanchez
Jeff and Amanda Schiefelbein
Jim and Jacqui Schwab
Dan and Patty Sherrod
Bill and Mary Sladek
John and Michele Stephens
Rev. Ambrose Strong, O.Cist.
Drs. Jeff and Mayra Thompson
James and Kathleen Treadway
Shane and Nichole Tucker
Wayne and Karin Lim Tucker
Mike and Barbara Weller
Marie Schade Wood